Full Version: 4th Armored Division Sherman tank crew member.
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Marion, I saw some female mannequins who were like this one ..... ok, let's not go there.

Anyway, they would be perfect for ARC (American Red Cross display) or so.


Laughed out loud when I read that one!!! :kermit:


..... if I only could talk Bianca into wearing that ARC uniform ......


Erwin :blush:

Well, "Lawrence" got promoted and transferred.

He is now part of the 704th TD Battalion (attached to the 4th Armored Division).

We see him here wearing the winter combat uniform as he prepares to face the cold winter in the Ardennes.










PS: The HBT coveralls will go to my second display which I hope to complete soon.

Tell Lawrence he's looking as dapper as ever. And off to the Ardennes we go.

He said he appreciates the kind words .... :D


A point of interest; he wears the highneck sweater UNDER the wool shirt.

This I saw in an original photo once.





I have seen that before too!

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