Full Version: 12 April 1945 - 12 April 2005
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Dear All,


Today it is exactly 60 years ago that Robert Morneweck, Sgt Nick Demkowicz, Sgt Joe Caivano and the others made their fatefull Rhine crossing. As most of you will know, Robert was Art Morneweck's brother. Recently we were also lucky to be contacted by a nephew of Sgt Demkowicz and the granddaughter of Sgt Caivano. Marion has a picture which has all three of them on the page she has dedicated to Robert, here on the site.


I am thinking of them and remember them and their sacrifice. I can't help but think what their lives would have been like if they had survived.




With my warmest regards to you all and appreciation for their sacrifice, which enables us to live our lives in Freedom, but also all your help and friendship if have enjoyed over the past. Even in death these men have brought us together.



To dear Robert and the others who lost their lives that day. We salute you. I know I would have loved ya too!


Memories of Robert Morneweck


You can find these on Stevin's site:


Robert Morneweck


Nick Demkowicz


Robert and friends of the 506 PIR, Co A


Photo bottom standing: Denkowicz (KIA), Weckesser, (?), Parrish, Washburn, Morneweck (KIA), Barnes. Kneeling: Hanzalik, Thaler, Caivano (KIA).





Art I didnt realize what the day meant to you yesterday. Please accept my apology for the oversight. I was just reading from Marions links about your brother. God Bless him. He looked so very young. What an enormous loss this had to be for your family. I was pleased to see someone has adpted his grave over there. That is testament to the fact that these were fine brave men. I know the people of Holland loved our guys and still do. Blessings to you and yours Cindy

Dear Papa Art,


If I may, I'd like to piggy-back my sentiments onto Cindy's remarks about your brother, Robert, and along with that a confession: I did see and read Marion's post reminding us about Robert and once again went over his photographs, remembering him and thinking of you. Usually, never at a loss for words, this time I just didn't know what to say or, more to the point, just how to say it. His passing so close to the end of the war just makes it all the more tragic. Art, people like Marion and Cindy and me, et al, are the direct recipients of your service and Robert's and all the others - Cindy's dad, j3rdinf, and your whole generation and truly, we do love you and thank you very, very much.