Full Version: 11 year old girl's view of Pearl Harbor
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Hi! Will be 78 on the 15th. Had an early BD party ON the 6th!. My last childhood birthday.


Single now. Mother of 6 wonderful kids. They gave me 16 grandchildren. THen 12 greats with 3 more on the way. They keep me busy.


I thought I had a terrible life because my Dad told me I was stupid and couldn't do anything right. I believed him. An old classmate (by e mail) helped me see my life differently. I had a good life but chose to be negative.


God let me see that he was a miserable unhappy person. I can see him in a different light. He was In Germany during WW 1.


He got shrapnel in his hand and got a purple heart for that. He was gassed while over there. With the help of smoking too much, he died of throat cancer.


MY husband went to see him in the hospitall before he died. He told my hubby that he wished he would have treated me better. I was the best of the bunch! I was able to forgive him before he died. The only time he was proud of me was when I won the American Legion Medal in 8th Grade!


Since I am retired I began to write testimonies of how how God took care of me the years I was alone in strange and dangerous places since my husband (He was in the Korean War) divorced me to marry someone else.He really did me a favor for it made me really grow up! I was able to forgive him just before they pulled his life support.


MY items are on several different sites. I have met a lot of nice people all over the world even from Pakistan. He became a Christian preacher!


I have had so many experiences mostly by cyber space. It is very rewarding.


Just call me Gabby. God bless all of you. I hope to get to know you better.

Welcome Gabby! It was a pleasure to meet you through email, and now a pleasure to speak with you on the forum.


I look forward to hearing about Pearl Harbor Day and the rest of the war on the Home Front, through your eyes, and of course other things too.


It's amazing how one person (in this case your dad), can put your life through the ringer. Sad it took all this time, but I am so happy you were finally able to throw those off those shackles. Good for you.


Thanks for joining, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us, to you and yours.