Full Version: Silent Night Movie
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I've just found an interesting WWII movie that is set during the Battle of the Bulge. It is called "Silent Night" and stars Linda Hamilton. In a nutshell, the movie is about three American and three German soldiers that find their way to a lady's cabin, and despite their differences, spend Christmas eve in the cabin and celebrate Christmas. If I am not mistaken, Hallmark produced the movie, and it is a very good movie.

Thanks for the info. I will look for it. I will add it to my Netflix list. :armata_PDT_37:

It's a made for 2002 TV movie; here is the link.


I plan to check it out, too.

Lee and I have watched several Hallmark Channel movies lately and all were very well done. I am sure this won't be an exception to that rule.

Speaking of Christmas movies...


This was also listed on that site; Joyeux Noel. It's not a WWI movie, but a WWII film, but thought it appropriate to mention it here.


Mind you, I haven't seen it yet myself, but it got some good reviews, so while we are on the subject of war movies with Christmas content...