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I am at present researching the Glider Pilot Regiment and the part played by assault gliders during

WWII 1943-45

While searching the web yesterday I came across basic info concerning the restoration of a WACO CG-4A

glider in the USA with the intention of it touring the UK and Holland in 2009 (65th anniversery) to be towed

behind a C47.

Has anyone here come across this?

Colin. :tank:


Hi Colin,

I found this link. I do not know if that's what you research.

I'm sorry but it is in French


Véronique alias VEE ;)


Hi Veronique,

Thank you for forwarding that link, you will understand that anything like that is of great interest to me and the

photos are unknown to me. I'm afraid my French is not as good as Your English but I managed to get by with my

'schoolboy learning' (so many years ago - lol).

I will forward the link to my friend Jan in Holland too.

Colin. :love7:






Perhaps you have heard about the operation which is undertaken to save, restore and show a C-47 in a museum in Normandy near Caen?

This plane was found in the 1990s by a French soldier while he was peacekeeper in Yugoslavia. The plane was machinegunned during the events in this area and since this time is on an airfield near Sarajevo. Until the directors of the Merville Battery heard about her and wants to save her.

On 12th November the governement of Bosnia gave the authorization to take this plane and bring her to France where she will be restored and showed to the public in her 1944 markings of the 95th TCS.

You can find all the information on the website of the battery at this address: (in english)



Véronique :love7:


Thank you again Veronique for the further links you sent. I was very interested in the S.N.A.F.U. story, the C47

is an amazing aircraft, especially for it's involvement in WWII.

I enjoy our own 'entente cordiale' Vee.

Colin. :wave:



Glider pilots are very special people. Watching footage of these is just spectacular and well, damn right frightening. I do not think you would get me in one.


Hats off to those who took part in this, and thanks to all for preserving the history. Sure is fascinating!



Thank you again Vee. More great links and also some interesting photos.

Colin. :love7: