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Hello everyone

Its been a while since I stopped in. My last visit had me looking for information on the 125th armored engineers which I thought my father was part of . Thanks to all the great leads and information from Marion I now am pretty sure my father was actually in the H&S company of batallion one in the 36th corp of engineers Through reading a letter from Wassenburg Germany that my father wrote in which he said "July 23rd 1945 tranferred to the 14th armored division 125th armored engineer batallion to be shipped to pacific between now and the end of the year" I know that the 125th was just to get him home. So thanks to everyone who offered me such wonderful help things are starting to make some sense and I am looking forward to finding out more.

Welcome back Kate, it`s great to hear that you`ve found new info on your father. It is a long and sometimes frustrating process of researching and i see that you have the perseverance to sort thru all the possibilities the leads produce. Keep at it, one never knows when or where the next clue will come from.

Kate: Wow, happy to be part of the machine, which got you this far. So glad you posted about your discoveries. Let us know if you need anything else.


Look forward to your continuing posts. :armata_PDT_37: