Full Version: Oise-Aisne American Cemetery
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I went this weekend visited

Oise- Aisne American Cemetery And Memorial

located to the Seringes et-Nesles.


The Oise-Aisne military cemetery was created on the very spot where the 42Nd American Division ,the so-called " Rainbow Division " fought . Among the 6,012 graves is that of poet joyce kilmer, a sergeant in the 165th regiment (42nd Division), who was killed on july 30th 1918 .You will see the grave .


The link Joyce Kilmer :


you can also see pictures I have taken of the

Roosevelt fountain at Coulonges -Cohan .


In the little village of chamery stands the fountain erected by the family of first Lieutnant Quentin Roosevelt , youngest son of President Theodore Roosevelt , killed in a dogfight over the area on july 14th 1918 .


I have taken of the Pictures or first lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt was shot down in aerial combat the july 14 1918 . His grave was marked by small monument in the field where his plane crashed .


The Link Quentin Roosevelt :


I hope you enjoy the pictures , you can see them here:


Vee ;)


Vee the Roosevelt story was very interesting but the photos of the Oise-Asine Cemetery are what took my

attention. It is obviously a beatiful place in a great setting, I can understand why it means so much to you.

Colin. :tank:

Colin,Thank you very much that you like the photos, when I'm visiting such places .

I love always to make lots photos to share them with you all .



Thanks for the pictures, Vee. As usual, they are very well done, document just about all there is to see there, and make me wish I could visit!


The relief carvings were very neat - I love that blocky Art Deco style that was popular at the time. (If I'm wrong about that and it is some other art style - someone let me know.)


Here is one of my favorites:



Todd ,

I am happy that the pictures you enjoy it !

I will say that when I took the photos blocky Art Deco style .

I think of you :rolleyes: . Because, I know that you like much.

So I try to take as much as possible for you !



I love always to make lots photos to share them with you all . :heartpump:


Vee ;)