Full Version: Received my converted DVD's
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Today I received the footage I had converted from VHS to DVD. Yippee. Now I will be able to share it with you (in near future) here on the website, and will also be able to incorporate the footage within my documentary. I am a very happy camper!!


Once I go through all of them, I will place all the details for each DVD. Right now, just the titles...


The 34th Infantry Division in WWII - (C-34D2)


Combat Bulletin Number 2


War Department Film Communique 1


Combat Bulletin Number 6


Combat Bulletin Number 1


Combat Bulletin Number 4


Combat Bulletin Number 11


Assorted Government War Films Program 2


Operation Dragoon: The Allied Invasion of Southern France


253rd Combat Engineers WWII


Combat Bulletin Number 7

34th :armata_PDT_37: INFANTRY DIVISION---MAKES ME A HAPPY CAMPER #2 rocky :armata_PDT_37:

I'll mail a copy to you this week. How about that????



LL, Where did you get your war background sounds from..?

Several different sources. I paid for entire disk collections, and/or paid for single files which I downloaded. Here are my sources, which I copied from my credits spreadsheet:


Audio Visual Credits

Army Corps of Engineers Office of History

Army Engineer Magazine

Authentic History Center, The

Center of Military History

Department of Defense

Gary Swanson - veteran's interviews

Gilles Villain

Google Earth - NASA

Jason Morris and the 60th Infantry Div

Misha Pavolic

National Archives

Prelinger Archives

U.S. Office of War Information

Shutterstock Images

Scripps Howard

US Army Signal Corps

Naval Historical Center

US Coast Guard

Imperial War Museum


Let me know if you have further questions. :armata_PDT_01: