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Have you ever wanted to download a great U TUBE video, well now you can. Try out this little gem of a program. And even better yet, it's FREE!!


I had written to a gentleman on U TUBE, because I wanted to find out where he got some of his great video footage from WWII. There were several there I wished to incorporate within my documentary. Well, he wrote back and said, try this:


They also have a PAID version, but most people won't have any need of it. So, try the FREE version and you'll be pleasantly surprised how simple it is to use.


For instance, I just downloaded and installed it, and opened it. Next I went to U TUBE, and clicked on the video I wanted. Then I simply went to the URL line and highlighted and copied it, and it was sent immediately to SAVE2PC. Then I selected DOWNLOAD, and a couple of minutes later, I had that GREAT WWII video on my computer. Man, am I a happy camper this morning. Just in time to get it ready for the reunion this week.



Have you tried Realplayer? It is also free. When you have the current version downloaded onto your computer, any video that is being played (like on YouTube) can be downloaded by hovering over the video and clicking the Reaplayer option when it pops up. It is the media player I have used for years and I really like it.

I have tried REAL PLAYER, but don't like the way it takes over programming, so I haven't used it in a long time. I find it a pain, so use other programs instead. Maybe I'll try again in the future, but am happy without it for now. :armata_PDT_01: