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With special thanks to Shipmate Walt Eife, a retired P-3 Orion flyer from Westmont, New Jersey, we are attaching a link to the History Channel series "Hero Ships". Although this link will take you directly to the episode for USS New Jersey (BB-62), a "Full Episodes" link for all other episodes is found at the top of the page...


Hero Ships - Online Broadband Series



If you missed this series on the History Channel, this link will permit access to each of the full episodes for "Hero Ships" that includes:


USS Arizona

USS Enterprise


USS Constitution

USS Nautilus

USS Hornet

USS Texas

USS New Jersey

USS Yorktown

USS Laffey

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

USS New York

USS Samuel B. Roberts


As you click the button for the episode that you want to watch, scroll up, and a button for that particular ship's episode is available to begin the show.


Interesting related information to the History Channel episode for USS New York (LPD-21) and battleship USS New York (BB-34)...


USS New York LPD 21 Ship's Crest by ussnewyork.


The Jerseyman has been in touch with the commissioning committee for USS New York (LPD-21), containing steel from the World Trade Center. In asking about the ship's bell she will carry once commissioned on September 11, 2009, we were advised that USS New York (LPD-21), has made a request to install the ship's bell from battleship USS New York (BB-34).



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