Full Version: New Monument at Vicksburg Battlefield
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During the last several years I have been part of a group dedicated to installing a monument dedicated to the 9th Connecticut Volunteers placed at Williams Canal, which is part of the Vicksburg National Battlefield, During the American Civil Warm the Ninth attempetd to re route the Mississippi River to avoid the gun batteries placed on the bluffs of Vicksburg. While it was a good idea, the plan failed, and the unit took heavy losses from disease and heat stroke. '

This Wed. I went to the state armory to view the unvieling of the center panel of the monument. It was beautiful, and a very moving ceremony. The below website has some basic info, including close ups of the etchings that were done on the granite by a local artist.


Nice to know that all these years late, their efforts are still remembered.

While everything is beautiful, I was especially intrigued with the photographs etched into the monument. What exquisite work.


And yes you are right; it is wonderful that people still care and do something to remember them after ALL this time.

Over the years of planning this monument, we went through many discussions about what the final monument should look like. When the group we finally hired to put together the final project came in to show us some of the past monuments they had put together, they brought a small carving on granite to show us. It was the head of a Boston Terrier and when we saw the realism of her etching, we were sold. It was even more impressive than the sculptor that showed up with a huge granite slab on the back of an 18 wheeler.....