Full Version: Ray Hexter - 36th Combat Engineer
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From John Fallon


Ray made many of our reunions until recent years and enjoyed them. He was wounded during that very cold December '44 and sent home on a hospital ship and slowly recovered. He needed a lot of attention from the VA all those years but he had a job a nice wife and three children , one of whom served in Viet Nam. Now he is back in the VA hospital still suffering from the wound in the chest and has a tube in his throat. His wife Shirley tells me he has run out the string and has just days. Let's offer a prayer for Ray and also tip out hats to the VA for keeping him with us for 64 procuctive years. The VA gets a lot of negative hits from the left wing press but I think they are fabulous.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.