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Wanna see my BEAUTIFUL granddaughter? Of course you do. So here we go, introducing Jessica Ann Carney, 16 months old on Easter 2005.


Tell me your not in love? :wub::wub:


Wow! What a hair-do. My 2nd grand-daughter came into this world looking like a Mexican with a head-full of hair. But she doesn't have as much as your G-daughters.


OBW, I'm expecting my 3rd in August . . . . . . . grand-daughter, that is.


Yup, she has enough hair for three babies! :D Congrats on the up and coming third and I'm happy to hear YOU are not giving birth! :wacko:

Oh my Marion...gorgeous... Thanks for sharing wanna see mine Of course you do...Sadie shes just turned 5.


Wowzee, beautiful grandchildren must run in our families! What a knock-out. Great photograph too. One of the nicest I've seen in a long time.


I can see why you are so proud too! :wub: Gee they look like they could be sisters. B)

Marion I was thinking the same thing both of them are too cute , and they do alook alike brunettes and dark eyed girls They are adoreable, and that is my favorite picture of Sadie She is still very small ofr 5 shes just 30 lbs, but considering she weighed in at 2lb 13oz when she was born she is huge!! Well shes our miracle to say the least. Grandbabies gotta love em..Oh its so nice to be on a board where you can also talk a little about the other joys in your life..Thanks Marion

Marion this is my little spot of favorites next to my computer desk....its a messy collage I suppose I need to be tidier hahahahaha :banghead:


I can see you two are proud Grannys!! :D


Am I silly or could these two girls be sisters???

Sure looks like they could ne or were you referring to Marion and I ....I think we could be also!!

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