Full Version: The passing of Archie Armbruster
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Please include Archie Armbruster, 540th Combat Engineer, in your thoughts and prayers.


Archie's health has been getting progressively worse, and his wife had to make the very difficult decision to place him in a nursing home. He has several problems which are compounding, and Loretta knew he needed more care than she could provide at home.

I willl include Archie along with Papa Art in my prayers, may GOD sustain

them and give them strength and added courage to help them. Rocky

Not a good week here on the forum. This is two this weekend, I am sorry to have to produce the following email:


Marion, Archie passed away last night. His funeral will be Wednesday at 10;30 at the Methodist Church here in town. At least he doesn't have to suffer getting his breath anymore. I have had continual company all day, it is time for me to think about going to bed. I am really tired, I drove to Kearney yesterday and home this morning and then did the final arrangement with the Funeral Home. Both of our children and their spouses were here to help. Loretta


I never got the chance to meet or talk with Archie, but kept up correspondence with his wife over the last four years. My heart goes out to Loretta. She and Archie had many long, wonderful years together, but I know from her the letter above, and others, she is relieved that his days of suffering are no more.


Archie, here's to you and to all the other members of the 540th who have gone before you.



More sad news! Once again, my thoughts and prayers go out for him and his family.

Indeed sad news again.


Our deepest sympathy.

May he rest in Peace.


From Bianca and Erwin.

My deepest condolences his family and friends

May he rest in Peace.