Full Version: Aldershot Army Show, England. July 2008
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Nearing the end of another busy season, this is a big event here in the UK.

Over 30,000 people attend this event which L.L. boys were invited to display.

The British Army soldiers on duty there also showed interest in our gear.












LOVE the photos Moose !! I would have a lot liked to be there !


kisses to you from france


VEE ;)

Hi Moose,

Great photo's again.


Sorry to have missed the event again, that's 2 years in a row now!


I will have to have a word with the better half again, she will have to stop having girlie weekends away when an event is on.


See you soon



Terrific photos Moose!! :armata_PDT_37: :armata_PDT_37:

Ah, L.L.'s boys looking sharp as ever. Now that's what I call a grand event. Love the Red Ball sign. Keep 'em rollin' boys!


Hey Puddles, let me talk with the missus. We got set 'er straight! :frown: