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My friend Jerry, sent me the following email:


Following is a link to a World War I era song.... interesting that what some see to be a problem in 2008 was apparently a problem to some in 1917. The "click here" link will allow one to download either of two versions of the audio. I found it interesting to then follow the printed version of the song as it was being sung. Does anyone remember what was done in 1917 to help the Republic survive what appears to have been some hard times with the assimilation of non WASPs into Americna society?


Click here: First World - Vintage Audio - Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You


The following link has a variety of songs from the World War I era--- click on the upper right corner for a particular year. Or, look on the left column--- a great site for those interested in the "War to End Wars". A great variety of links from Propagada Posters by various countries to Maps to Weapons of War, etc. <World War I was the first war that truly employed mass production and advanced technology. It also was the first time in the modern era when the general civilian population got mixed up between the two opposing armies.




Thanks Jerry for sharing those with me! :clappin:


Jerry is a retired history teacher


Dr. Jerry R. Aschermann

Missouri Western State College [Retired]

St. Joseph, Missouri USA