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Hey guys and gals!!


Guess what? A first for me. My first radio interview that is. Ya, really!


Ken Kraetzer, whom I met a few years ago via the Internet, wrote to me this morning after receiving my latest article in Army Engineer Magazine. Ken asked me if I would call into his radio show during the summer and talk about what I do to honor the veterans. He broadcasts nationally on, every Friday morning at 8:35.


So I just got off the phone with him, and I am scheduled on August 1, 2008. I am very excited and honored to be part of this and can't wait. Oh ya, I'm a bit nervous, but I guess I'll get over the heeby-jeebies! :armata_PDT_23::frown:


Please check out Ken's site here:


You can also listen to recent interviews too.


Some of you may recognize Ken's name and the site, because I have spoken about them several times within the last four years. Ken was part of a great organized trip to Italy.


American Legion Post 50 SAL 50 Goes to Italy


In May 2005 members of Post 50 and its Sons

of the American Legion Detachment organized

a trip to Italy to conduct World War II 60th

Anniversary ceremonies at the two American

Cemeteries at Nettuno and Florence.


They are going to Normandy in June 2009, and asked if I would help to promote the trip. So here we go...




A big thanks to Ken. I am honored to be among your guests. Looking forward to August 1. :pdt34:

GOOD FOR YOU !! to bad it's not on Aug.22 . If they tape it, don't forget

to ask them for a copy. I did. Rocky

Oh yes. It will be available on their web too. I shall paste a copy on our website too, then everyone can listen whenever they get a chance.


Wow, now I am up there with you. :clappin: We're famous! ha-ha!

:clappin: whaaaa hooo!!!!



THAT'S OUR GIRL.... :heartpump: Congrats from England


Now that's what I call a hearty congrats! Love you guys! :drinkin:

Congratulations to you, Marion. I hope your star continues to shine brightly! :armata_PDT_37:



Dogdaddy :woof::clappin:

WAOUHHHHHHH Marion :heartpump: Congratulations to you, From France :clappin::drinkin:




VEE ;)

you GO girl!!!!!!! :armata_PDT_37: That's AWESOME! Can't wait to hear it!

Betcha a million $$$ that Frank will be "high-5ing" Walt to congratulate him on yet another milestone for his amazing daughter!!!! :pidu::clappin: :clappin:


echoing Brooke: "WaaHOO!"



Miles of thanks to my adoring fans. :wub: You guys are the greatest, and certainly have made my day. I'll be sure and try and sneak in a howdy to all my vets and forum members!!!



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