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Thought you would like to see a few more photos of my garden in progress. Some pics shot this morning on June 6, 2008, 0700.






ONE WORD----BEAUTIFUL!! the only person missing in the pics.


Awwww, thanks Rocky! Glad you are deriving enjoyment from the photos.


Much love,


It's gorgeous M1!!! :armata_PDT_37: Do you know that your yellow bearded irises are an antique variety called "Honorabile" from 1840. Victorians used to grow them in circular beds and that's how they always grew at my house which was built in 1890. I moved them to

along the top of a long retaining wall where the morning sun shines through their yellow and mahogany.


Here they are from the "Antique Iris Preservation Society". Check out the other iris photos - makes you want em all.



Count me in as an Iris lover. Before my arthritis got out of control, I had Iris that were unbelievable. I have an old fashioned purple that I have given rhizones to dozens of people. They just love to grow.

Gorgeous iris page M2. Will add it to my gardening links. I bought some reblooming ones and they are just coming around. Only have a few right now, but next year...


I have about a half acre in back awaiting my touch. We got started on her last year. Our goal is to have winding paths and a similar look to the front yard.


Here's a few more photos from prior years.









My dear neighbor & friend, Frances, gave me a wonderful book for my birthday.

I think you gardeners might enjoy it. It was written by Celia Thaxter in 1893 called "An Island Garden" about her garden on the Isle Of Shoals.


You can read it on line:

Gorgeous drawings. The kind that suck you right into the image. Mellows one out, doesn't it?

Very nice Marion. There are some wild irises that grow in the mountain meadows to the south of here and they look very similar in color. They usually bloom about this time of year. But they will be late this year. 4 inches of snow up there last night and more tonight!


SNOW? SNOW? OMG! Sorry, but I think I'll stay in Michigan. :frown:
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