Full Version: Jack Lucas, MOH Recipient
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My grandpa's Iwo Jima Vetran friend gave me his latest issue of Spearhead News to look at the reunion information and I found an ad for Indestructible, the book written by WWII's youngest MOH recipient Jack Lucas.


I called to order the book today and the lady on the phone told me he passed away this morning. :(



Here is an article:


Amazingly enough, Lucas isn't the only MOH recepient who survived being a grenade sponge. Duane E. Lucas smothered one during Korea and is still alive!

I can't imagine smothering a grenade and living to tell about it.


I've read Jack Lucas' book and he actually smothered 2 but one was a dud. Not only was I amazed by that feat, but he survived a parachute jump later on, without a parachute.

Oh how sad. So close to being able to speak with him, and then a fleeting moment later...


Hugs around to all, for you never know how long you will grace this earth. :love: Here's to Lucas! :drinkin:

Here is a note from my Aunt about Jack Lucas:


Chris--thought you might be interested in this article. Ann's youngest

daughter, Emily, became acquainted with Jack Lucas a few years ago

though her interest in WWll history and has been a guest in his house on

several occasions while she was living in N. Orleans. He is being

buried today in Mississippi and she is down for the funeral . Emily

moved to Las Vegas 2 yrs. ago but had kept in touch with Jack and his

wife thru e-mail. Emily has always had a strong interest in the war

since studying it in high school. Hope you enjoy this. Love, Eva

post-256-1213566330_thumb.jpgpost-256-1213566244_thumb.jpg Found these pictures of Mr Lucas. MOH.

Great Pictures Moose,


On the right pic he looks a bit like Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WWII.


Best regards