Full Version: 1108th Engineer 2008 Reunion
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Hello everyone,


We tentatively reserved 20 rooms at the Comfort Inn-Pentagon for this years Reunion in Washington D.C.. The number of rooms can be adjusted based on actual head-count but we need to respond ASAP if more rooms are required. Please Reply/ALL to this EMAIL with the number of rooms you will need for your group.


Hotel URL:


The Dates we chose for the event are:


Thursday September 11th - Sunday September 14th


Comfort Inn Pentagon


2480 South Glebe Road


Arlington, VA, 22206


Hotel Phone (703) 682-5500


Our Group Contact is: Laurie Donovan (Comfort Inn Rep.)


Direct Telephone Line for Laurie (202) 309-1319


Check in Time 3:00PM


Check out Time 12 Noon


The Reunion is registered under the:

1108 Combat Engineers (c/o Raymond West)


Rooms are $119/night + plus tax - which includes Continental Breakfast. There is a full-service restaurant and cocktail lounge located on the premises as well.


We also reserved the Halsey Room which is a 17 ft x 24 ft space (for use as the Command Center) for a total cost of $150.00.


The Hotel offers free Shuttle Service to/from Ronald Regan Airport. While in Washington, if your plans include any Sightseeing trips, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) provides Rail and Bus Services throughout the City.




For those adventurous types you can also take a Sightseeing Trip on the TourMobile which offers All-Day Reboarding, for a fixed Ticket Price.


Visit the URL:


We are still reviewing the travel details to visit the WWII Museum which happens to be 3 miles away from the Hotel so; pack a pair of sneakers; LOL - just kidding. We may be able to shuttle ourselves depending on how many automobiles we have available. There are also 3rd party Company Shuttle Services available as well. Laurie said we can work out these details at a later date.


Please forward this email as appropriate, to any perspective candidates that I may have overlooked since I am working from a very limited EMAIL distribution list.


More information will be forthcoming.




Raymond West

(770) 889-2962

It's great to see the plans came together and were finalized. I hope I can attend too, but going to two reunions that month, will be really over-stretching my budget. :wacko:


Maybe it will be possible to drive down? Dunno! Well whatever happens, I am glad that they are still able to get together and will be able to see the WWII Memorial in DC. :14_1_107v:

If anyone cannot make it to the DC reunion because of expense or distance, please consider coming out to PA this September. Captain John Fallon and the rest of the 36th, have cordially extended an invite to the VI Corps engineer units, including the 1108th. Please see the forum listing in this reunion section for further details. :armata_PDT_37: