Full Version: Farewell Robert G Breitbach 540th CE
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It is with a sad heart that I have to tell you and all of the 540th that my father Robert G. Breitbach passed away this past Sunday the 16th. Dad was 88 years old and for most of his remarkable life he was in good health except for the last month.


Dad lived most of his life in Montana until his retirement in 1986 when he moved to Powder Springs Ga. Dad and Mom were married 60 years next month.


My father was very proud of his service in world war II and especially with the 540th. He talked often to his children, grandchildren and even his great-grandchildren about it and the friends he made there.


Thank you and God bless,

Brad Breitbach

Marietta Georgia



My condolences to you and your family Robert. I am very saddened by the news. I wished he could have seen HIS documentary before he moved on to the big engineer camp in the sky...

I extend my condolences, as well. Seeing this made me think of my own grandfather who passed on as I was in California, on my way to Iraq in 2004. I guess I was kept pretty busy during that time and the next several months. As a result, I really never grieved the way I suppose I would have were I back here or able to attend the funeral. Hearing of Mr Breitbach's loss made me think of my own and it really affected me.

We are diminished by every loss of these amazing men that left their homes for the unknown and an uncertain future to defend our freedoms (and the freedom of folks they had never met.)



My sincere condolences for your loss. Well said Capt. O.