Full Version: 36th Combat Engineer Archived Footage
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Yeee-hawww! Just acquired some film footage from the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, thanks to my private researcher Caroyln Billups. Thanks CB! :armata_PDT_37:


There are a few different sections within the footage. I haven't had much of a chance to decipher it yet, but can give you some info.


1st section is footage of the 36th Combat Engineers building a wooden bridge. If you look closely at the film when two engineers are using a saw, you can discern a 36th engineers patch on the soldier on the right.


The second section shows a medic from the 34th Infantry Division. You can clearly see his Red Bull patch. This one is for you Rocky! :drinkin:


The rest looks like Sicily or Italy and maybe some from North Africa, doesn't it?


Later in the week I am going to try to improve the imaging. Hope you enjoy it. Pretty cool stuff. :clappin:

Marion; Sorry but this old laptop, window 98, cannot bring up the video.

Thanks for thinking of me,(34th Divn). Rocky

Rocky, I will mail you a copy you can play in your CD player. How about that? :armata_PDT_01:

Rocky, I will mail you a copy you can play in your CD player. How about that? :armata_PDT_01:



Love You, Oh Queen of Sheba !!!! The squirel said that. Rocky J


Quick info. Just got a call from The head Librarian of the K.C.Ks Library. They want me

to give a talk about WW11 in Italy and bring a photo or two. I am going to take

the pic. of me with Pres. and Mrs. Bush. When they see it I will say-- Where is my

left Hand? And the smile on Mrs. Bush. I f you happen to see her on T V

she will still be smiling.