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Just received a phone call from David Wagner of the 39th Engineers. They had their last reunion in 2007 and he wanted to know where the 36th and 540th were going to meet this year. Wouldn't that be wonderful if he could make it too. Then we would have representatives from THREE engineer units all together in one place. David, I hope you and Selma can make it. Would finally be able to meet you in person. :armata_PDT_37:


Here's the info for 2008:


Quality Inn

625 Quentin Rd.

Lebanon, PA



Toll-Free: (800) 626-8242 or (717) 273-6771

Fax: (717) 273-4882


Make your reservations by September 1, 2008 to make sure you get a room. Let them know that you are part of the 36th/540th Reunion to get the discounted rate! Hotel rooms are $54 per night


Thursday- Sunday September 25th to 28th


The Colony Room (our hospitality suite) is available to us for all four days. Snacks will be provided, along with beer and wine.


We usually plan a nice dinner out at a local restaurant on Friday night. If you are interested, let John or I know ahead of time so we can include you in the reservations. If not, the Colony Room will be open for your use.


There will be a banquet Saturday evening. This is a semi formal affair.


DVD presentations by YOURS TRULY will be shown throughout the weekend.


Bring your photos, etc. We have a LOT of fun reminiscing!


PLEASE MAIL $40.00 TO JOHN FALLON to cover dinner and hospitality suite goodies before September 1, 2008. Let him know how many will be attending along with names, so he can prepare your name tags. Send check or money order to:


John Fallon

2459 First Ave

Avalon, NJ 08202



Nearest available airport - Harrisburg, PA (approximately 30 minutes west of our hotel)


The famous Hershey's Chocolate Factory/Museum, in Hershey, PA is located between airport and Lebanon. Plan on stopping in!


Maps of Area


This is exciting!


Harold Whiting, 157th Engineer, just sent this letter to me. Last week he had proposed being able to meet up with me when he arrived in town his reunion in Hershey, PA (right down the street, so to speak). He would be arriving on the 28th, the day I would be leaving. Well I wrote to him and said, maybe I could arrange to leave on Monday instead. Here was his reply today:

I have a plan, talked to my friend who is going to take me to the reunion we cannot check in to our hotel in Hershey Lodge untill 4 pm on sunday on the 28th, well let me run this by you for your excellent judgment. My friend an I leave N.H. Saturday around 3 am that will get us in lebanon pa about 3:30-4 pm sat. Now if we can sign up at your hotel the price is 45 a night then we stay there and visit and shoot the breeze with your fellow engineers, then later sunday we go to Hershey. If you wish to go and interview some of the 157 eng., My friend and i will take you there and then to the airport or train station. My little pea brain has been working this way we can spend a little time together, and tell a few tall tails. I am sure we will be talking again on the plan. I just put the 157th reunion in the Legion magazine hoping to get more people to see it and attend . The 157c eng bn will hold there 63 rd reunion at hershey lodge Hershey PA SEPT 28TH-30 ANY QUESTIONS CALL BARBRA NADIN TELE 717-872-8927


I showed my husband and he said, absolutely stay another day. So I wrote back to Harold and said, I'm game, let's go for it. So I will finally get to meet him after four years, and will also get to attend a day of their reunion. Isn't that magnificent? I am so thrilled. Harold, can't wait. A great time became even better. :clappin2:

The reunion gets closer every day. I sure hope a lot of you are going to be there this year. I know nothing is cheap anymore, but this may be one of your LAST chances to meet the guys. I do not mean to sound morbid, but everyone knows this is the truth. Don't kick yourself in the rear-end later simply because you didn't get around to it.

Received this from Captain John Fallon this week. He cordially extends the invite to his fellow engineers of the 540th, 39th and 1108th. Come join our reunion and make it an even merrier event. Come on down boys...


I am going to send out the second reunion letter in about two weeks and I had a bright idea. If you have separate e Mail lists for the 540th, 39th and the 1108th why not let them know about our reunion? We will welcome them to the entire reunion if they want but it is more likely that several of them might live within easy driving distance of Lebanon and just might stop in the shoot the breeze with us for one day or just a few hours. WE will be glad to welcome them and find them a bit of refreshment.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.


BRAVO John, BRAVO! Thanks for your hospitality!!

Okay VI Corps Engineer family, how many members of my forum are planning on attending the reunion this year? Want to hear from any of the 36th, 39th, 1108th and 540th readers out there. I'm counting on you guys. Get er done! :drinkin:


Don't make me drive up to your house to drag your behinds to PA! :pdt12:

Kai-Ann and I booked our flights this week. Yeah! We are going to fly into Philly since it's cheaper. It's about a 2 hour ride from there to Lebanon. We've never been to Philly, so that should be fun.


Am going to book our hotel room this week too, and send our registration money to John Fallon. It's getting closer...

Have a blast M1! Wish I could be there!

If you have any extra time while in Hershey (which you probably won't) - go and see

the Hershey gardens. I've never been there myself, but my Aunt told me it was fabulous!


Give my love & deepest gratitude to all those HEROES at the reunion!!!



That looks fabulous. Thanks for letting us know about that. Will have to play it by ear. If the weather is nice, a bunch of us can take a few hours and visit the gardens. Merci!

Hooray. Talked to Barbra, who is handling the 157th reunion, and Kai and I now have our reservations at the Hershey Lodge, following the 36th's reunion.


We will leave the 36th reunion on Sunday morning, and head over to Hershey to join the 157th. We will only be there till Monday morning. But one day is grand. What a great opportunity to meet another engineer regiment and their families.

Captain Fallon,


COL Savre received your letter from the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment. Thank you for continuing to support the 36th Engineers!


We would like to try to send COL Savre or a representative to the Alumni Dinner, but we need some additional information on the date and location to determine whether we will be able to attend.


I am putting a CD of a video of the CoC as well as photos in the mail for the alumni.




Take Care and Stay Rugged,


CPT Ashley Dellavalle

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