Full Version: General Eisenhower,s decision March- April 1845
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All we haerd was " On to Berlin" Patton Blieved that was what the US Army would do.

Once the army was in Germany the following Happened.

7th Army was ordered to sweep across southern Germany to the Austrian Border.

The Central armies stopped at the Elbe

Eisenhower twxed Stalin that the US Army would not enter Berlin.Stalin would have this honor.

When IKe thought the brits may not stop the Russsian from moving north into Denmark, The 101st and 82nd A/B was sent in to block the northern route into Denmark!

IKe knew at this time. about the division of Germany between the Allies, with the Berlin area going to the Russians.

This is a little known action, that saved many US soldiers lives.

Yearsd later D.D. Eisenhower interviewed Stephen Ambrose and asked him to be his Biographer. Many b ooks were written around this subject but little was told about it.

Without this action by IKe WW2 would have ended differently.

Any comments.

There were several decisions made at the conferences held between the Allied leaders. I was hearing about another one the other day that greatly impacted the final campaign against the mainland of Japan.

The post-war control of Germany had already been decided. It would have been a waste of good American lives to send them into parts of Germany that would then be given over to the Russians.


I've heard of other military strategic decisions that was made in the name of "Political Correctness" or appeasing our Allies. I've recently read a book by a Veteran of Italy who said that several times the Americans were refrained from advancing so that the British could take a city or make a break-thru and get some recognition. I'm trying to verify some of these stories. Two examples:

Cassino Front - Gustav Line It is reported that the French troops broke thru the line and made quick advances up the Liri Valley, while the Polish troops of the British Army captured Cassino and the Monte Cassino peak. His version is that the American 5th Army broke the Gustav Line but were held up so that the British units could advance.

Spring 1945 Offensive - Bologna The boundary between the US 5th Army and Biritsh 8th Army was a line that went thru the city of Bologna. Again, the Americans fought up to the outskirts of the city and waited for the British to take it. The history books say that the Polish Corps took the city. But you can find photos of the US 34th Division in Bologna and their records say they entered the city early in the morning of 21st April---before the Poles.


I'm not against the Polish troops or doubt their bravery. The worst political decision that was ever made had a terrible impact on the Poles and the future of their country.

Poland was captured by the Germans and Russians. But when the Germans attacked the Russians, the Russians agreed to release the Polish POWs so they could fight with the Allies. And they did. They fought 3 long years. The Polish armies were the 4th largest of any Allied country that fought in the war. Yet, the political decision was made to turn the country back over to Russia after the war. This greatly grieved the Polish leaders. When this decision became public in early 1945, the Polish leaders asked to pull their troops out of the front lines in Italy. General Clark, the commander of 15th Army Group, asked them to remain until he could get more replacement troops. The Poles changed their minds and went on to lead the attack in the Spring Offensive---knowing that they were fighting for the freedom of the Italians but they would not have freedom for their country.



If Patton had his way, he would have not stopped and certainly would not have relented to the "Ruskies". While his sentiments are worthy and it would have saved a lot of folks from living under the communist regime, it would have been a nightmare. Can't imagine getting into it with the Russians. Bad news.


This kind of thing happened so many times during the war. One general wanted the glory of getting their first. One country wanted their name in lights before the other. We had to do a lot of a-- kissing too. Yes, a lot of politics to play out.

Yeah. That is a whole 'nother story. By mid-1944, the only hope left for the Germans to salvage Victory from obvious defeat was that Allies would break their alliance---and maybe even fight one another to some extent.

I wonder if Russia would have had any fight left in them after Germany's surrender? Of course, our focus was the defeat of our No. 1 Enemy--the Japan. The US would probably have made any promise in order to revenge Pearl Harbor.


What could have happened after Japan surrendered. Well, then you have a new factor that could sway the outcome---the Atomic Bomb. Wow. Think what kind of war could have erupted if a conflict against Russia broke out. I can't imagine the outcome of that one.