Full Version: The passing of John MacDonald Jr - 540th C.E.
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Just as I was getting ready to mail my 90 plus newsletters to my VI Corps vets and families, I stopped to open my mail and was thrilled to see a card from the MacDonalds. But when I opened the card I sadly found a letter from Evelyn informing me that John had passed away. Of course I broke into tears, and was even more crushed because I had a surprise in the mail for Johnnie; a sneak-preview of the documentary. Alas it wasn't meant to be... :(:unsure:


I am sharing Evelyn's letter and the obituary. May you rest in peace Johnnie. God bless you. You were a great man with a fine sense of humor and the sweetest of dispositions. I shall miss you as I'm sure the hundreds of others who had the honor of crossing your path in life. :heartpump::14_1_107v: