Full Version: William Clarke - RAF
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Bill and I began corresponding a few weeks ago. We were introduced by James Hennessey. I added Bill's links to our site about a week ago. And including some of our correspondence and a few photos.




Hello Marion,

How nice to know that you are so proud of your father.I am WW2 Airman,83

next month,I am the one in the middle of the photo.

I would like a picture of you,I new lots of americans during WW2.

Kind regards,








What different types of planes did you fly in training, and then later as an airman?








Hi Marion,


Thank you for uploading my web link,I must say you have quite a number of links,I am sure I shall find them very interesting.

The aircraft I flew in during training where, the Avro Anson,Percival Proctor,Rapid De Havilland Dominie,after training the Wellington and Lancaster.


Have a nice day,