Full Version: Federal government bans flag-folding recitations
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Seems like our lilly livered elected Congressmen have taken away OUR rights and gave OUR rights to the Illegal Aliens,

the American ? Muslims,, the Gays, and the likes. Yes, at one time prayer was in our rights also. All this to satisfy the screaming of a few who dont like our laws or moral standards.

Seems like our lilly livered elected Congressmen have taken away OUR rights and gave OUR rights to the Illegal Aliens,

the American ? Muslims,, the Gays, and the likes. Yes, at one time prayer was in our rights also. All this to satisfy the screaming of a few who dont like our laws or moral standards.



RJR mum on this.



America may FINALLY be waking up! It's about time. Thank God for the Internet and the profusion of news and opinions. Thank God we are able to immediately send off letters to the Vets Admin, the Congress, the House of Reps and the White House. They heard all of us loud and clear. Enough is enough.


The American people were sleeping and were about to experience a whole series of nightmares if they didn't shake themselves from their slumber. We all need to speak up and say, WE will no longer put up with spineless politicians. WE will no longer idly sit by and watch our freedoms taken away one at a time. WE will no longer watch politicians hand out our hard-earned money. WE will no longer shut up when people tell us we can't celebrate Christmas, can't worship the way we like, can't say Merry Christmas, or in God WE Trust.


And I don't want to hear one more person say to me, "I can't do anything because I am just one person!" Baloney. Get off your lazy behind and vote, and write, and take part in your community. Never tell this little woman that one person can't do anything, because you'll be barking up the wrong tree. If you are apathetic, then you deserve the world you get.

AMEN Marion!!!!! :armata_PDT_37:


I just hope you are right that "America may be finally waking up"!

We've been sleeping like Europe in the 1930s and this time we have

enemies without AND within.


"Teacher's" are busy indoctrinating children that America is BAD,

immorality is GOOD, everyone is a VICTIM (needing rescue by massive govt),

you are ENTITLED to whatever you want and GOD & faith are unnecessary (even

something to be mocked).


Most people seem to have been sitting around like scared rabbits (or dumb

rabbits reading "People" to find out about Brad & Angelina or Brittany).


In my town, the High School Principal has just made Yoga mandatory because

the "children are stressed". GAG!!! What have they got to be stressed about?

They are not required to work (no summer jobs, no raking, no lawn mowing,

no babysitting), they are allowed to have & do whatever they want. They

no longer even walk to school - they all are driven - even if it's only a 1/4

mile walk. While they are at school, the socialists are telling them

that America is a bully, we need to "understand" the terrorists, and that

traditional Christian values make you a BIGOT.


I actually saw a young college student on tv the other day that SNEERED when asked

if he'd considered the correlation between the appeasement of Hitler in WWII

and Iran today. He snickered & said: "What do we care about WWII, that's

old history & doesn't have anything to do with today." :armata_PDT_19:


This is what we are up against! War isn't coming - it's already upon us!

While our great men & women in uniform are protecting our country

from Islamic Fascists, the rest of us had better get busy protecting our country

from the loss of what made her great & speak up to save Faith, Family,

values, discipline, sacrifice, responsibility, common sense, decency,

and respect.


It's time we stopped being politically correct & went back to telling the TRUTH!

If you are a school teacher & have sex with your students, you are a PIECE

OF GARBAGE & must be put away, if you have 6 children with 6 fathers - no more

Welfare for you, if you have broken the law entering the country - you get sent

back. Law is what protects us from anarchy. We need to bring back a sense of SHAME. I do not wish my food to be

served in a restaurant by someone covered with tattoos & body-piercings.

It ruins my appetite to see someone with a tongue ring taking my order.

It's time to tell the manager that you'll take your business elsewhere.

The 19 yr old white kid next door to me, parades up & down the street with his

pants belted around his knees exposing his boxer shorts ala gangsta videos.

Maybe it's time to call the police & have him arrested for indecent exposure.

He's not a "kid" anymore, 19 yr olds have gone to war. It's time to start meting

out punishment for BAD behavior - no more Mommy & Daddy, no more ACLU.



War is comprised of battles, big & small. Often the "small" skirmishes have been

the decisive factor between victory & defeat. If there's a chance for our great

country (and it IS great!!) to survive, we all gotta wake up & get busy!


this is my rant for the day! :machinegun::machinegun:





Washington DC needs us. Wanna run together? We'd kick this country back into shape in no time!


I think we need to dismiss all the congressman and senators and start all over again. We need some independents in office. Man do we ever need a third party in DC. I'm sick of the Republicans and Democrats. The Rebuplicans spend as much if not more than the Dems, and it's about time it stopped.


Sorry folks but we need less government not more. Certainly not Federal government. They have their hands in too many things. Government should be left to state and local. The Federal level is just supposed to cover defense. What the heck happened over the years? They've got their hands in everything. I don't want them ruling my daily life and doling out welfare and what not. It's just not right. We need to step back several decades in time.


Okay M2, let's go to Washington. We can be the way-back in time party. :armata_PDT_37:


Give details of the ceremony



More info




M1, I can just see the televised debates now!

We'd be at the podium and then launch ourselves on to

whoever was babbling socialist propaganda :bs: (Bill-ery)

and pummel :hit: her into the ground!


If Chris Mathews :dink: or Matt Lauer :dink: Or Katie Couric :dink: ask me

any questions, I'm likely to say: "KISS OFF AND DIE!!!!

You MORON!!!" :machinegun:



We could get "VOTE for M1 and M2" bumperstickers.


We'd win in a LANDSLIDE!!! :drinkin::drinkin:


M2 (proud to be your partner in any venture! )

Darling, I'd be happy to follow you anywhere. We are comrades-in-arms! :drinkin: I like your bumper sticker too. I can see it now...
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