Full Version: 405th Engineer Water Supply Battalion
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I'm new to the forum and just trying to get a feel for everything. The reason I joined is that I would like to know if there is anyone with a history of the 405th Engineers that my father-in-law was a part of in N. Africa, Sicily and Italy from 43-45 in WW2. My wife and I just recently learned the specific unit he was in so it would be fun to learn the history. If anyone out there has any info, please let me know. thanks in advance and I'll be browzing the forums.

Hi and a warm welcome. Happy to help out where I can...


The 405th was part of 5th Army. Please see this link:



I would suggest visiting our Research section and looking at this link:


Try contacting the Office of History at the Army Corps of Engineers. Also try contacting Richard Horrell of WW2 Connections. And finally try contacting NARA in Maryland for unit records. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me.


I will keep looking... armata_PDT_01.gif

I found this in one of my engineer books. I placed it in a PDF file, available for download and printing.

Found this today at the Eisenhower Archives.


Box 660


404th Engineer Combat Battalion

405th Engineer Water Supply Battalion

407th Engineer Battalion

411th Engineer Special Shop Battalion

487th Engineer Water Supply Battalion

514th Engineer Heavy Pontoon Battalion

544th Engineer Heavy Pontoon Battalion

My father was a SSG in CO B, 3rd platoon in this unit. If anyone is interested, I have CO B's roster and will scan them in. As far as I know, there wasn't a unit history published.



Oh I know I would love to have that. So yes please, copy and send to me or attach on the forum. I will be delighted to see it. Welcome!

Here is the roster for CO B 405th Engineers. This is/was a very small company. I was used to about 240 guys per company, then again, I was Infantry.






Excellent. I know so many will benefit from your posting. I appreciate your time and efforts. :-)