Full Version: The meeting with the family of one of my godson in Normandy.
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The meeting with the family of one of my godson in Normandy.


Maybe you remember that I adopted several graves at the Normandy cemetery and october 8.I had the big happiness of meet the family of one my adopted godsons Marvin A Wamhoff , It was one of the most beautiful moment of my life .We have a lot speak and a lot to cry also!!

We had difficulty has to separate us.

We meant to see again each other soon. They have me to invite in the michigan. I hope I can go there one day!! Marvin A Wamhoff was only 21 years old when he was killed in Normandy When his jeep that he drives jumped on a shell .


I attached pictures of our meeting and my godson Marvin.









Comment merveilleux ! Ce doit être merveilleux et très triste aussi. Beaucoup d'émotions !



Veronique, j'habite en le michigan aussi !

Marion ,



If one day, I come to the michigan to see the family of my godson Marvin.

I would come to tell you a little hello. I would be so happy to see you in person.

I would bring of the specialitys of my region that are not really very good for the line.

But if delicious has to eat .