Full Version: 1942 photo Dad & jeep
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In my father's 1942 diary, he writes that his company was sent to

Schenectady NY to pick up "32 new jeeps"on June 2nd.


I believe that these were some of the earliest jeeps to come off the assembly

line for Army use. Did the jeep go in to production in '41?


Anyway, my father LOVED jeeps!! here he is looking fit and handsome

(big difference from the Anzio photos!) and this is the first picture of

him with 6th Corps patch. Corporal Howard - just look at the crease on those

pants! :rolleyes::pdt34:

Yup, looking sharp as a tack! Looking good there soldier. Swoon! :love:

Here's some great links on the JEEP, and yes the JEEP was in production in 1941!