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I was Air Corp. Cadet 1943, and joined Air Corps. Forum. When I was too busy to go , I finally left the forum. A few months ago I tried to go back to the forum, I had lost my password so they gave me another. After weeks, off and on, I kept trying, now I see why SNAFU is the word for Air Forces Forum. They kept saying “your password does not match. OK, so lets get another way to do it. I will join again , so I register my login, e-mail, signature, password, and whatever they asked for.Then the computer said, “your log in or e-mail has been chosen, please try again, click GO BACK†Fore 10 minutes I kept going back, and know I give up. Let some younger pilot find out why they are top snafu’s. During the time I spent with snafu someone posted that he was looking for someone who had basic training at Miami Beach, Florida. His father went there for his basic , but never talks about his training. Many replyed except they did not know about Miami Beach. Do I know? Yes I spent monthes at Miami Beach for Basic Training and HEMORRHOIDS OPERATION



Dear Papa:


Chuck wrote me about this too, but neither one of you gave me the link for the forum. If I am going to help, I need specifics. Please include the link to the forum, and then the link to the actual post you are trying to reply to. Without these, there's not much I can do. :armata_PDT_01:

Still waiting... :wave2:

Still waiting... :wave2:


Mare; I was with Art when he again tried to log on to the Army Air Forces forum. I tried to help him but came up against the same wall. With every name we used we were informed that it was already chosen. I even went so far as using Art's army serial number as password. To which they said it was already being used When I arrived home, I tried several times to register myself, but was repeatedly told that my password "chuckles" was already in use. Now, who else would think of that name. Then I repeated the same information, only this timeI typed out "radar red" in the signature box and "wallah", I was informed that I was propperly registered., And to go to my Outlook Express and wait for validation. Only it never came. Without it I can't log on to tell them I am experiencing a problem. There was one paragraph that said if I had trouble registering, after 2 weeks, all info would be purged and Then I could try again. Seems I would have better luck breaking into Fort Knox.


pfc chucktoo

This let me think about Murphy's law :waving: