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My father, Harold O. Nelson was in the 208th Army Engineering Combat Battalion. I have been communicating with veterans and family members from the 208th off and on for a few years as well as doing research about WWII and the 208th.


In August, 2007 one of my sisters (Karin) and I drove south to Kansas (from Minnesota) and met two men from my Dad's Company. I learned more in three days than I have in the past three years. Floyd and Lew are awesome men, and I will be visiting them again. ...the sooner the better.


I was introduced to Floyd and Lewis from a man (Gary Swanson) who is involved in the Veteran History project, of which I want to participate in very soon.


My goal is to have a website about the 208th by January 1, 2008. There's very little on the internet about the 208th. It's very honor the 208th Army Engineering Combat Battalion in 2008!


Ruth Nelson Schumi

Cottage Grove, Minnesota


Hello Ruth, welcome to the forum. Marion`s site here contains a wealth of information on engineer units and our "family" of veterans & sons & daughters of WWII vets share your interest in your father`s service and will be happy to help you in your quest for info on the 208th.

Coincidently, i just read an article on a member of the 208th ECB, Robert Martin, who will be knighted into the French Legion of Honor on Saturday, Sept. 29. You can read the article here:



Hey Proud Daughter:


That is just fantastic!!! I loved the photo of the four of you. I know that feeling oh so well.


I just returned from my third reunion with the 36th out in PA. Four days of heaven for me and that is no exaggeration. :wub:


Can't wait to see your site. It will be so nice to add another engineering web to our great network. As you stated, there aren't a lot of engineering webs, nor info on the internet.


Many hugs to you. Keep up the great work sister! :pal:

Thank you for your kind welcome! I learned about Robert Martin 208th Com B from a 208th son back in August. The award he received is awesome, I bet some of the other guys from the 208th will be happy for him, and jealous too.


Since I've committed myself to create a web page about the 208th, if any of you experienced webmasters can give me hints on how or where to get a web site, I would appreciate it. I've worked on web pages before: layout, text, photos, so that part isn't daunting to me. And, I have enough information and photos to start telling their story....although I want lots more!

Well, you've come to the right place because I am a computer consultant and part of my experience is hosting and design, so I can probably steer you in the right direction. Email me in private and I can give you some solid guidance. :pdt34:

208thEngrDaughter; Welcome, You mentioned, Gary Swanson. He is a good

person to know. He does interviews of WW 11 vets. and is very much involved

with the WW 11 museum in Memphis. He will help you all he can. Next time

you talk to him, tell him I said hello. Roque(Rocky), Riojas. Ks. City, Ks.

Man ! This site has more bells and whistles that my airplane! I hope this is the correct way to make a reply.


Greetings folks!


Finally a Google search paid off!


I think it is a great idea setting up a 208th ECB site! My Dad is Sgt Robert M. Martin, Bravo Co, 2nd Platoon, who was referenced above, is doing well here in Southwest PA.


If anyone has email contacts for other 208th ECB vets, I'm sure he'd love to touch base with them. We have a lot of JPG's take of 4 or 5 maps Dad has of "The Fighting Dozers" travel from Normandy to Berlin which we'd be glad to share for the website.


One of the maps has a complete listing of names, ranks and 1945 addresses for the 208th members. Others are detail drawings of various structures they put up along the rivers. We have posted some of the stuff on little discussion group I stood up on Yahoo: It is member only right now, but click on join and I'll provide access.


All the best!


Bob Martin











Here's a pic of Dad in the American Legion uniform he had made in 1946. I'm next to him and my son Zack is in front of me.

Wow...You Daughters of Engineers

Wow....You Proud Daughters of Engineer Dad's are poppin' up all over the place! Welcome aboard! I just acquired a WWII poster that you ladies will love, as soon as I get around to taking a picture of it. :drinkin:



Dogdaddy :woof:

That's for sure and let's not forget the PROUD SONS, such as our :gang: Bob! Can't wait to see it Dogdaddy!


Hey HandyRandy, so nice to see you here. I loved your comment about the bells and whistles! We also have :1028::14_4_102::1032::14_2_107: :pdt40: :14_6_3::drinkin: and a whole lot more. :frown:


We are darned serious about our interest in WWII, but man, we have a lot of fun too. Who said education has to be boring? :nuts:


I noticed your photo didn't come through. Let me know if you need some assistance.

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