Full Version: Photos of our other veterans
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Let's use this section for any veterans from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Would love to see photos of you too.

This is a picture of my platoon in Iraq. It was a "provisional" infantry platoon (i.e. an straight-leg infantry unit consisting of non-straight-leg infantry guys) made up of 81mm mortar, javelin, and a few straight-leg infantry Marines. Then they had me as a platoon commander; an NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) defense reservist turned Artillery officer lat-moved to Communications. All of that considered, I figured "Mongrel" was a good platoon call sign.


At the time, I was temporarily assigned to I MEF as an individual augment and ended up with 3/24 (3d Bn, 24th Marines), a reserve infantry unit from the Midwest. I can say that those young reservists were outstanding and I had no worries going outside the wire with them. A great, solid bunch of Marines! I'd have taken them anywhere.


Semper Fi!

That's a great looking bunch of guys there Capt O


I'll second that. Hooo-ahhhh! :armata_PDT_37:

With great guys like these - it's no wonder that our

military is the greatest in the world!!!! :armata_PDT_37:



thanks Capt O!


Mary Ann