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Now showing on the History Channel 6PM EDT, Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - (to repeat);action=detail


Everyone knows the public archive footage of Hitler. But most of it is silent. What was he saying? What did he sound like when he was having a conversation rather than shouting his beliefs to his followers? Special computer technology enables us for the first time to lip-read the silent film. Using a unique sound recording of Hitler never previously broadcast, we can, put his words into his mouth. The result will add texture and depth to our understanding of a man about whom millions of words have been written--but whom we have never heard just talking. Footage includes film shot by Eva Braun, sequences filmed by Nazi cameramen, and a secret sound recording made in 1942 by radio engineer Thor Damen.


Rating: TVPG


Running Time: 60 minutes




My husband caught this earlier today and said it was kind of eerie to see some of the private stuff. It's showing again now, so I just had to see it. :armata_PDT_23:

I saw it the last time it was broadcast. It is a bit eerie to hear him speaking in a normal tone, rather than shouting. From the sound of his conversation with Mannerheim(?) I'd say he knew then he had really screwed up bigtime when he attacked the Soviet Union.



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ps- Hope I got the name right :lol:

After watching most of the broadcast, I started to get that same eerie feeling my husband expressed. Let's put it this way; it creeped me out. :armata_PDT_23:


The technology which led to them being able to place his words with the old films, was fascinating. We've seen many of those old clips before, but to have words put to them, gave it a whole new flavor.


To all: This one is worth a watch!


Oh, the technology behind it was called, ALR, Automatic Lip Reading.