Full Version: MOS Chief of section 864? - Artillery unit
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Received this question. I supplied what I could, but would appreciate help with this answer. Thanks to all.


Hello, you are the only WW2 VI Corps org I could find. A relative of mine served in the VI Corps during WW2 in 5 campaigns in an artillery unit. I have a scrap of paper that says he was a Staff Sgt and \"MOS Chief of section 864\". Do you have any idea what \"MOS Chief of section 864\" means?


Thank you for your time, Russell




Hello Russell:


Glad you found me.


Basically a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a job classification in use in the United States Army and Marine Corps. An artillery battery is the same as a company.


However I am not sure of the section designation, and therefore will post this on my forum tonight.




Howdy Marion,


Thank you for your assistance!!! My dad's double cousin's name was Staff Sargent Rufas Charles Wigley. Better known as R.C. Wigley he was from Garvin county Oklahoma.


Again, THANK YOU!!!!