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A thousand get well wishes to one of my very best friends, Al Kincer of the 48th Combat Engineers. Al has been under the weather with pneumonia. I've had it and it ain't NO fun! :armata_PDT_23:


Take care of yourself Al. Get plenty of sleep, lots of liquids, and many hugs from your wife. I know she is taking very good care of you.



Best wishes for a speedy recovery Al, I`ve had pneumonia too and if you dont listen to your better half... you end up with Nurse Battleaxe and her fistful of big needles!


Take care, we need you sir.


Get well, Sir!

And many greetings from Belgium. :armata_PDT_01:



Best wishes for a complete & quick recovery, sir!

I'm new to the site, but can already recognize how valued & well thought of you are.

Take very good care now and may God give you speedy healing!


Mary Ann

I hope you feel better soon Mr. Kincer, see you soon!!



Best wishes for a speedy recovery for a ol' Texas Engineer


hope you feel better soon ! Mr Kincer


From France many greetings !



Best wishes to AL for a speedy and full recovery. I can add my name to the list of former Pneumonia patients and I can still remember how much it hurts to cough, so please follow Dr.'s orders and have another pull on that cough syrup!



Dogdaddy :woof:

Asking for special prayers and get well wishes. I received this from his daughter Diana, late last night:




Dear Marion,


I am writing you about my dad, Al Kincer. He is not well. I hope I am contacting those who are friends of his. If any of his old friends want to, please write him a note at:


Al Kincer

11011 Bar X Trail

Helotes, TX 78023


Please no emails or phone calls.




Thanks. Many of you know him and have kept in touch with him through email or the forum. It would be great if you could drop him a personal note. :pal:


I would be lost without him... :(

I'm going to Mass at lunch time and will especially remember Mr. Kincer

in my prayers.

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