Full Version: George Mergenthaler - 28th Division
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I thought this might be interesting to post here as it is quite unusual.

George Mergenthaler - 28th Infantry Division - was killed in Eschweiler on December 18, 1944 (Ardennes Offensive) when his unit defended the area against the German assault.


George Mergenthaler was tall, dark-haired and friendly.

He was the only son of a wealthy family in Rye, N.Y.

His grandfather Ottmar Mergenthaler was the inventor of the Linotype machine in 1886.


The people of Eschweiler have commemorated him in a special way.

See the photos.



Place where his body was discovered.



Glass window dedicated to the Mergenthalers in the Chapel of Eschweiler.



This is George Mergenthaler next to Jesus Christ in the Chapel.



That is very heart-warming. I have never seen anything quite like that. :wub:

Sure one of a kind, no?

It is something standing inside that Chapel looking at his face.

Also a little eerie being on the spot where they found his field grave.

Apparently, they buried him quickly and stuk his rifle in the ground with helmet on top.


Reminds me of the place where a glider crashed while on its way to an LZ north of Eindhoven on September 17, 1944.

The place where the monument is, is quiet, peaceful ..... but the actual crash site feels cold and scary.

Call me crazy, but that's the feeling I get when there (I avoid going to the actual crash site and only stay near the monument).


If you are interested, I can open a new topic with the story of this glider?



I'm really interested in that story Erwin! :pdt34:


Is it one of the stories you wrote in your book about Gliders?

I second that. More stories!!!