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Hello all. Marion thank you so much for the nice email welcoming me aboard. That was very sweet. I hope to add something to your wonderful home here. You are doing such a great job of paying tribute to your Dad and the other veterans. Bless you for that! Now I need to see whats what here so I will be looking around and hopefully find something worthy to add.. Nice seeing other s here also. Cindy

Dear Cindy:


So very, very nice to have you here. Many people may have seen Cindy's "Irishmaam" handle on Wild Bill's site, where she is a frequent contributor. It is an honor to have you here and I think your a real class-act woman! :D Welcome aboard and I hope we can make you feel comfortable and part of our VI Corps family.


We are small but growing, but have a great group of people here including many wonderful WWII vets.


Let us know if we can help you with anything, but I know you are already a pretty savvy web lady, so won't be needing much, if any assistance from us.


Enjoy and thanks so much for joining. :coffee::pdt34:

Welcome Cindy, i've read a lot of your posts on the WBG site, i hope you become a regular visitor to this site. :)

Marion thank you I think I am blushing now . I have posted to you on WBG that I think what you do is so honorable, and I know we have that Superman Dad thing going on so it is my pleasure to come on board here... I dont know as much as many do about WWII but I do know that the Generation before us is one fine example of what I hope my children grow to be. With my youngest getting ready to deploy to Iraq and the middle one waiting for word go to get back in the Army, I am learning how much sacrifice my Dad and your dad and all the other veterans , and those on the homefront have made in the name of Freedom. God Bless each and every one of them. Thank you for another place to explore and learn... Cindy


Also thanks for the welcome Bader40. I think we will see each other a bit here..

Hey !


Where did you find this place ? Welcome and I know you will find a home here.


Now where's Dusty ? Whats he doing now ? I hope he avoids high places.




Hey Jiggers A dear friend told me hey stop by Marions place, you will feel right at home and I always listen to this here I am. Dusty is good hes still at home unlike his brother who is the one that needs to stay out of high places. :banghead: . That kid never listens ya know. :direct: So as not to confuse everyone else Taylor is starting Air Assault training next this is a bit of an inside joke between Jiggers & I . Now youre all inside! Thanks Marion Hugs at ya Cindy Lou


P.S. I love the smileys

Ah, thanks for the inside scoop! ;)


Glad you like the smileys. I have more to add soon too. Makes it a bit more fun!



Wanted to ask you about the great photo that you use as your avatar. Please share! :D

Hey Cindy You have posted some great stuff. Now lets here about you. OK !

Marion My avatar is a picture of my Dad and a buddy on top of Mt Fuji while he was stationed in Japan in 1949. He then went on to Korea until May 1951. Jiggers you know more about me than most so stop teasing me, for the others I have ,3 children 1 girl who is 28, 2 sons the middle one Dusty is 26 and waiting to get back into the Army and my baby who is 23 and getting ready to deploy in Iraq very soon. My grandbaby is a beautiful little joy in my life. I am still blessed with both of my parents. My Dad served in WWII from 1944 through 1948 with the Big Red One, 16th Regiment,then he re-enlisted and served in Japan with the 1st Cavalry 5th & 12th Regiment, then on to Korea where he served with the 7th Infantry Division 32 Regiment. He did 11 landings in Korea, went in with the 1st Marine Div on Sept 18th 1950 in Inchon, I will have to check my spelling skills to add the other places like Pusan, Seoul, HamHung, Wansan, and the others I would have to check...He was in the push to Manchuria China , when they were forced to retreat. I am very proud of my Dad not only for his time served but for the man he is. Like Marion he is my Knight in Shining say the least. My Mom is a country girl from Iowa who is still as in love as she was 53 years ago when she met my Dad. They are both still just mad about one another. I think I will have to see if I can find a spot for him here I have a lot to share. I have been involved with different groups (since my middle one enlisted on Sept. 12, 2001) in finding different ways to support our troops, have done a lot of care packaging, gettling letters from the local school children for the troops, meeting so many brave young men and women who make up todays finest generation. I have had friends who have lost their children in "The Ghan" I have friends who have lost their children in Iraq . We all make sacrafice in different ways, in the name of Freedom. I dont always agree with the politics of this war, but I do first and foremost support our troops, God Bless and keep them from harm


So thats a little of me ...well a lot actually, so its my pleasure to meet all of you...How did I do Jiggers? Hugs at ya


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