Full Version: Hello, from John Taylor's proud daughter
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My dad was from Ada, OK and served as a Combat Engineer in the 303rd, 78th Division. I have the same small dusty box many of you do. It has his Bronze Star Medal, campaign ribbons, old coins, etc. Also found his scrapbook, unit history, and maps. As a child, I knew Dad was in the Army, but never heard him talk about much. Only now, after starting to research his history, have I realized how much these young men did for us. I am so proud of him. Would love to hear from other vets and their kids. Wonderful Website!

Welcome proud daughter! :heartpump: It's always great to hear from another engineer's daughter. I hope that we will attract others, continue to grow in numbers, and pass along our father's histories to each succeeding generation. :armata_PDT_37:


We look forward to your posts. Can't wait to hear more and get to know ya better!


Once again welcome proud daughter.

Welcome to The Engineer Family. Would like to read some of your Fathers storieas. AL Kincer "WE The 48th"

Welcome. Glad to see you are interested. Let us know if you have any basic questions about something you may find in his "kit", especially help identifying those crazy Army acronymns. My interest is in the old Army maps. I'd be glad to see what those looked like.



I'm new at this! It took me a little bit to figure out how to send a reply. This may interest you. It is a hand drawn map on tissue paper found in Dad's scrap book. Hope I can attach it properly. Leepost-292-1175469687_thumb.jpg Did it work/

Wow, that looks similar to the maps I got from the National Archives from Germany. I don't have mine scanned yet, but will eventually. Oh heck I need a full-time assistant to help me just with scanning! Some of the maps I have are HUGE though and have to be set on the floor or kitchen table. Thanks for posting that. Very cool! :armata_PDT_37:

Received this letter from Darrel Pace today, trying to help the following woman:


Good morning Marion,


I love the addition of the photo gallery to your website. It looks really great!


I had this request come in yesterday and I was wondering if you had this information since I do not. Can you help them?


Keep up the good work!




Darrell Pace






I'm not sure if you can help me. But I was looking for an insignia or symbol of a certain branch of army. It is for WW2 78th Infantry Division, 303rd Combat Engineering Batallion. My grandfather served and I was looking to get a tattoo of the branch he served under. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much,





Good morning Darrell and Kelly:


Am happy to assist and thanks for your kind words Darrell, regarding the new engineer photo gallery!


Here's some info on the 303rd and place to retrieve more info:


A link on my forum: 303rd


Can put you in touch with another daughter (see same post)

Proud daughter of John H. Taylor, PFC, 1st Sq, 2nd Plt, Co. C, 303rd Combat Engineers, 78th Division - her email addy is:


Another link on forum which mentions the 303rd 303rd


Army Corps of Engineers - Office of History - Michael Brodhead or other historian. I am friends with Mike.


They were a HUGE help to me. Sent me a ton of info on my dad's unit!


Here's the 78th's website:


Attaching b&W images of the engineer crest. This is from a book of mine. Still looking for a color crest.


I will get back with you, if I find anything else.