Full Version: WWII Homefront Reunion August 10-12
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Please come back to Dreamsville…


This summer, August 10-12, there will be a big WWII Homefront Reunion in Dennison , Ohio which was known as Dreamsville for its canteen that served 1.3 million soldiers.


If you or a loved one, ever received a free cup of coffee and a smile at a Canteen…please come back to Dreamsville.


Help us honor and salute those who manned the Homefront.


Join the pilgrimage back….and celebrate at the reunion between soldier and canteen volunteer.


The American Soldiers Homecoming is the official final reunion on the Homefront.


Please help us spread the word….and come back to Dreamsville!



Wendy Zucal


Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

P.O. Box 11, 400 Center St

Dennison, OH 44621