Full Version: Stevin's new babies
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Hi Marion,


I wanted to let you know that Neale and Eden were born on March 5th. They are incredible of course. Neale is my Little Man. He is so small but such a feisty guy. Eden had her eyes open in a few minutes and was trying to comprehend what went on around or. Or so it seems. When awake, she is constantly looking around her with big eyes. I am so proud of them!


Attached is a picture of my babies. Neale is on the left. I tell you, he his good looks from my side of the family!


Anyway, guess its time now for those couple of beers we've promised eachother, don't you think!? Hahahaha.....


All the best to you and your family.


To Stevin's first babies. TWINS! Congrats dear, dear friend. Here's to you and yours. I hope we can toast in person some day very soon!
Dang, there are sooooooo cute!!! What angels. -o--o-:drinkin::drinkin:

Hi Marion and thank you. Biased as I am I do think they are the cutest in the whole world. Today I got to bring them home and they are settling in nicely. I am making myself ready for th efirst night. Hope all goes well.


Yes, it IS time for a few brewskis! :drinkin:


I am full of admiration about how your site has grown. It is amazing. A fantastic site!


I'll be back when Neale and Eden allow me.....or when they keep me up all night...







Do me a big favor okay? Next time you tuck those babies in, give them knuffles and kisses from their "Aunt" Marion. :wub:

:direct::drinkin: They look great...I remember my first, he was really big, had big eyes, big feet big arms and balls he just balled all the time. Congrats. AL

:armata_PDT_37: Congrats from Luxembourg your Baby's are very cute :drinkin:


Thanks very much guys! Will do Marion! A BIG knuffles! ;)


Eden is the same, Mr. kincer. Just looking around her all the time with big eyes. It looks like she's pretty unimpressed with everything going on around her. trying to take everything in.