Full Version: april 1, 1945
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My buddy from Germany is always exchanging good "stuff" with me. Here's a latest blurb from across the waters...


...on april 1. 1945 MG edward a. brooks the commander of 6th us army corps agreed to let about 20 french heavy vehicles cross the rhine on gar

davidson bridge during a lull of us traffic. by the end of the day the

whole 3. regiment de spahis algerien de reconnaisance and the 7.

chasseurs had crossed the rhine to make contact with the bridgehead

the 3/regiment tiralleuse algerien had established opposite speyer. a

pontoon bridge was then build by the 101. regiment de genie ( a regiment

in the french army is only about battalion size.) this is just some

additional info on rod o`barr s posting on dec. 23. 06 hoping to have

added to our interessting hobby i remain, kind regards from