Full Version: What memories do you have about a Combat Medic?
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I have always had an interest in World War II combat medics and have been working on putting together a medic impression. So I turned to you our wonderful vets and would like to know if you have any memories you would like to share about a medic you may have known during the war. Anything good or bad, would love to hear what you have to say about them.


Thanks!!! :pdt34:

Great post. Hope to hear from our vets.


Speaking of medics, we watched Flags of Our Fathers the other day and it really gives you a good feel for what our medics had to go through. Hats off to them. They had one of THE hardest jobs.

God bless those Combat Medics. Actually never saw a bad one or one who lacked guts.

They were our first line between the wounded and seeing God. Granted, it was usually

only temporary heavy duty first aid, which was of prime importance until further medical

attention could take over. They were the guys you didnt want to pizz off in the least..

They sure got a dirty deal when they couldnt recieve the CIB and had wait till later in the war when the CMB was authorized. Adding a pic of 2 of those finest "Docs" we had

in our companies of the 3rd Bn 7th Inf 3rdInf Div with some of the guys . Look kinda young dont they, but both well experienced..


j3rdinf, Is that Berchtesgaden (sp?) If so, it was awful nice of the 101st to let you take that photo :pdt12:

BTW, that is spelled correctly. Go to the head of your class!!!





O.K. , so the spelling is wro ng after over 60 years or so. Take 3 points away from me.

No. Didnt need the 101 to O.K. it as we had it capured and cleared a day prior ot the

101 entering it as tourists. So give me a failing mark in spelling. When one is past the

8 decade mark, fingers and brain dont always work properly.

Jesus Joe: First off he didn't mean anything by it. He's was making a joke regarding the 101st Ariborne Division. It was supposed to be a knuck-knuck about them supposedly being there first and you guys not getting the credit you deserved.


Secondly I didn't even notice if you did or did not spell it correctly. I was answering his question mark next to the city. It wasn't a personal affront to you. So take it easy.


I am really surprised that you would think that especially of me. I guess you don't know me very well. After the damned day I have I didn't need to see this post. Sorry if you took it wrong. I'm just surprised you'd think that of the two of us. :(

j3rdinf, I reread your post and didn't even see where you had written Berchtesgaden. That's why I was asking if it was spelled correctly. And the 101st quip was just as waltsdaughter said. Because of Band of Brothers, everyone thinks the 101st 506th E Co. got there first. Fortunately for those of us who get our history from history books, or better yet, from those that have lived it, we know who got there first...

The Rock of the Marne!

Sorry if you took it wrongl, as you are definatly one of the greatest people I know (even though it is only on-line :pdt34: )

Ah that is why I didn't notice your spelling Joe. It wasn't in your post so we couldn't have been making a comment regarding you. Sorry again that you took it the wrong way. I second what Brett said. :wub:

I did not mean that posting to be caustic at all. I feel it was taken the wrong way. However if my posts offend anyone let me know and will cease them. And yes, I too

have gone through a bad time. My wife had foot surgery, son came back from the hospital last weekafter a bad heart attack and I have to help him also,, one hell of a bad snow/ice storm here and found out I am allergic (bad reaction) to medication for bum shoulder rotor cup.

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