Full Version: bridge soulles (Coutances)
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Coutances is freed only July 28th by the Americans coming from périers,Saint- sauveur-lendelin and monthuchon . Resistances German is marginal. But the city, already destroyed in 60 % by bombardments, is almost empty.


The taken back city, a part of the troops Americans come down up to the bridge of soulles to go towards gavray.


Picture of the bridge of soulles nowadays


Great pic's vero I always like those then and now pic's do you have more? :D

Yes, martin ;) , I have of other pictures . I found pictures on the newspaper the Free Manche. And I looked for places today to photograph them. :)

Martin you "took the works right out of my mouth", for that's exactly what I was going to say. I took love the before and afters. It is always so sad to see destruction, but heartwarming to see how humans carry on and put everything back together.