Full Version: Sopwith Camel/ Spitfire
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Here's a great video on the Sopwith Camel flying with a Spitfire

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Hubby and I just got done watching it together. Loved it through and through.


Camels were exceedingly tricky planes to fly because of their revolving engine/prop. Scary! :wacko: Loved the burp-burp of that rotary engine. Very distinctive. And then there was the Spitfire. Well what can I say about that plane, except WAY COOL! She was a beauty!


To see them fly side by side was quite a sight since that Spit was flying at near stall speed to fly next to the Sop which was flying full throttle.


Thanks for that. Three cheers. :pdt34::pdt34::pdt34:

I was suprised at the quality of the video. I am wondering if it has something to do with a new movie trailer that I saw yesterday.


It sure took alot of guts to climb into the cockpit of one of those



The quality was top-notch Chris. Crisp, clear and made you want to be in the plane. I think I'll stick with the Spit though. While the Sop sounds cool, I'd be a bit, no more than a bit leary to get in that old thing. :lol::lol:

Them poor chaps that had to fly that old plane. Probably stone deaf by the time they were 20.


Cool video, thanks for sharing.