Full Version: 82nd Airborne North Central MI Chapter
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I met two wonderful people the other day, Jesse and Ellen Hopper, who are trying to start a new 82nd Airborne Chapter in our area (North Central Michigan), so I agreed to do a bit of advertising for them on our site and on the local site I run for our town of Alger, MI.


If you served or are presently serving with the 82nd Airborne Division and are interested in becoming a member of this chapter, please read the PDF file below.


Michigan presently has four chapters, three down state, and one in Western UP, leaving a very large area to enlist from. So help Jesse and Ellen form this new chapter.




Jesse Hopper info - 307C. E. 82nd ABN 52-53




I'm surprised I wasnt aware of this until now. Jesse and Ellen are my grandparents.

OMG! No kidding! I can't believe this. Met your grandparents about two years ago. Introduced to them through my bartender friend, Ralph, at Scotty's Bar. Small, small world! This is incredible. They are wonderful people. We hit it off immediately!