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Even though we already have this link on our site, it is always worth a second, third and fourth look. This is Denis Toomey's 3rd Inf Div Photographic site.


There are several sets of photos including engineers, but you may want to look at the Vosges and Strasbourg, since they pertain to this time of year back in 1944.


Enjoy! These are great!


d o g f a c e s o l d i e r s

A photographic journey of the U.S. Third Division in WWII

I lost the bookmark for Bills site quite a while ago. Thanks for posting it. Went back on

a trip down "memory lane" just now on it. Even picked out a few friends in the pics.

Many thanks Marion.

My pleasure. I too like going back every now and then to some of the top sites I have posted on our site. I just wish I had more time to peruse, but I do what I can.


He has some excellent engineer photos too. Love 'em!