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Am placing this here since it is dedicated to the Marine Corps and therefore covers many wars and years.


My friend sent me these photos. Thanks Al!




Let me tell you all - the Marine Corps museum is AWESOME! I went (finally) back in September when I had some business in Quantico. If you can make it you should make every effort. Even for the non-Marine it is awe-inspiring and makes one proud to be an American. It is a packed with artifacts and 1:1 dioramas that include actual landing craft, an ONTOS, and other war-gear. You can even climb inside an AmTrac.


Another great museum (for you army doggies!) is the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. It is near Fort Bragg and is very cool. Lots of great stuff in that too. These are probably the best museums respective to the two services.


Finally - here is a great Marine TV Spot. Once again, for those of you not associated with the Marines, you might even get goose bumps, too. This is the Ad that San Francisco rejected the Marines request to film in the city. Instead, they filmed out by the bay with the Golden Gate as a background. I think this is much better anyway. Besides being a gorgeous shot, there is no image of the city which has become so hostile to things not radically liberal. It's good that that still got the shot of the bridge, however, as it was the Golden Gate that welcomed back so many of this countries your warriors from their hell in the Pacific.


Cheers to all veterans who have come before!

Sir, I'm not sure if you have seen the DVD ' IWO JIMA, The Boys of H Company'

( DVD rear and front cover below ) I think it is one of the best thing that the History Channel has done, certainly for the WW11 Marine Corps.

I also met one of the Veterans, here in England. He was wounded, but, the two Medics that came to his aid

were both KIA. This brave Veteran lay in No-Mans for two days before aid could reach him and

because of infection his lost his leg. I thank God that I was able to shake his hand, and, thank him.


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If you're on the East Coast again, stop by The Ordnance Museum at the Aberdeen proving grounds.

They're located off 95 outside of Baltimore....


They have tanks...yes tanks galore!!!! Railroad guns, and other artillery and personel carriers. The place is a trifle run down (they are trying to maintain a lot of stuff on a low budget) but you can get up close to stuff. They have WWI tanks. My favorite is "The Whippet". If you're around my age, you can't hear that name without having Devo run through your head.... So..... go forward, move ahead. It's not too late to Whippet, Whippet good....

I will definitely add those to my itinerary next time I am down that way. Both Lee and I enjoy doing the museum tours. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the recommendations. :armata_PDT_37: