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Sgteo :pdt34::pdt34:

Oh God, that was a blast. Hmmm, gives me some good ideas. Can't wait for the next telemarketer call at the market. :lol::lol::lol:


This is a keeper! :pdt34::drinkin:

:lol: I nearly pi....d on myself :lol:

OH MAN. Thank you. What a way to jump start the day. :clappin2:


I've often thought that I would love to answer the phone acting like I was a police sgt., but I know I would flub my lines. What a classic.



That was awesome!!

That's why I had to PIN this topic. I couldn't dare let is pass into oblivion in 30 days. It's a keeper!

Come to think of it. I do remember my wife telling me of a marketing call she got one day. First off, you should know that Flo was either an exceptional story teller, or I believed in the Tooth Fairy, Or both. I believe maybe both are true. As an example; You all know how it is when you first become engaged. You tell each other everything.-------Well,,,,,,, Almost!.

Anyway, when she found out I had been in the Air Corps, She said " You know--- I was in the Waac's". And she proceeded to tell me of her experiences. And I tell you, I took the hook, untill I realized that, HEY, if I was 2 & 1/2 years older than her; how could she have been old enough to join the WAAC's. Her reply was "Gotcha, didn't I".


Hold on. That was background. Now for why I'm rambling on.

It was my birthday and Flo was making my favorite meal. Meatloaf with macaroni & cheese. Now this gal had never boiled water before we were married. But there she was floundering in the kitchen when the phone rang. Some guy saying someone was in the neighborhood checking chimneys for loose mortar. With a tearful sob; "I'm sorry, I can't talk now. I don't know what to do. My husband has left me for a younger woman. I have three children, the payment is due on the house, and I don't have any money". CLICK, and he was gone. She told a lot of stories, but she never lied.


P.S. By the way, She turned out to be a damned good cook. I learned a lot watching her. For 42 years I could count on my favorite meal on my birthday without fail. I carry it on to this day, only she isn't here, and the quality is suspect. Funny thing; We began with Flo not knowing how to boil water and ending up teaching me what I would need later on. Love you Babe.


take care


Sorry. My last post came out twice . probably in my editing. Not my day