Full Version: The Korean War Project - Is this Goodbye?
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The Korean War Project has announced that it can no longer support itself and is closing.


:( what a shame.


If only I was a millionaire.



What a shame indeed. I will post the info here for all to see too.


Trust me, I know how it goes. So far I have been lucky, but as the site grows so do the costs of upkeeping it. I had to upgrade my server space again yesterday morning because there wasn't any room left to upload docs for one of my vet's pages. I guess it's hard for the general public to understand why a web site has costs, but they do.


The Korean project it a HUGE site and therefore takes up a lot of SERVER SPACE. Every photo, every bit of text, every database, every PDF document takes up space, just as it does on your hard drive. You have to pay for that space, and as a site grows, so does the bill.


Many of the sites are maintained by webmasters other than the person who runs the site, so they have to pay developers, etc. You can see how it can escalate.


Here's the latest from the Korean War site:


Korean War Project Closing!!


October 25, 2006


Financial support for the Korean War Project has virtually stopped.


Out of 8000 visitors per day, less that 1 visitor donates $10.


Major veterans groups constantly ask for help but can't afford to donate.


The Veterans of Foreign Wars, DAV, American Legion, and the Korean War Veterans Association constantly ask for help but can't afford to help us.


Congress, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy constantly ask us for help, but we don't qualify for their help.


The cost to run the Korean War Project far exceeds income and it is simply not possible to continue.


Unless there is a miracle, we can't do this anymore.


Hal and Ted Barker - Dallas Texas




Legacy Information Below


Welcome to the Korean War Project.


The Korean War Project has been on the Internet since February 15, 1995. Eleven Years. Your help made that possible.


The Korean War Project is Free - But Our Members Keep Us Online. Your Support Determines If We Can Stay Online...


Please keep the Korean War Project in mind when you visit our pages..


Join or Re-Up Today!


We have no corporate or government support. Only you.


We need your help now! A few dollars make a big difference.


Why You Should Donate:


Our Finding The Families Project is the leading volunteer program to seek out DNA samples.


Our Remembrance section is a one-of-a-kind place to Remember the Lost from Korea.


Our Looking For section has over 60,000 names and entries of Korean War Veterans, Family Members, and Groups, with over 2100 individual unit pages.


Our Casualty Databases are the most comprehensive Korean War files anywhere.


Our DMZ War Veterans pages list hundreds of veterans from 1953 onward.


Your Voluntary $15 Membership or Donation is the only reason we are online today.


No other organization provides the support and community available to veterans and families touched by the Korean War.


Hal and Ted Barker


Is this the same Korean Project that University of Kansas had ?


papa Art

I don't know, Art.


Did anyone read any of the letters to the lost that are posted on the site?



Pleased to note that the Korean War website is still viable.

Pictures from my 2014 trip to Seoul and the DMZ

Love your photos, as always. Kai-Ann, Jessica and I want to go to Seoul someday. 

It's a great, fun city. Getting around as someone who doesn't speak English is pretty easy. Do the DMZ tour - it's something you must see!